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Cuomo's Horrible Track Record

Please consider Why Do Democrats Pretend Andrew Cuomo Did a Good Job With COVID?

Key Points 

  • In March, he appeared in front of a display of New York state–branded hand sanitizer and announced that his people had come up with a method of making the product that was cheaper than anything being done on the open market; it turned out that the state was, in fact, actually just buying the sanitizer from an outside vendor and putting it into bottles that said “New York” on them.
  • He declared that the New York City subway needed to be shut down for hours every night to be disinfected, a disruptive policy that still persists even though infectious disease experts concluded months ago that the coronavirus does not spread in an appreciable way on public surfaces. Pressed in November on what kind of evidence he was using to justify the continued closure, Cuomo’s office referred a reporter to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which could not provide any. 
  • Most concerningly, Cuomo’s administration admitted this month that it had been excluding nursing home residents who died of COVID but didn’t technically die on the grounds of their facilities from its official count of COVID-related nursing home deaths. Since many such residents died only after being hospitalized, this had the effect of making the state’s nursing home outbreak look thousands of deaths smaller than it actually was. 
  • Cuomo’s office appears to have compiled the more comprehensive, accurate data months ago but didn’t release it until the state’s attorney general—who is elected independently of the governor—issued a Jan. 28 report alleging that nursing home deaths had been undercounted. 

Cuomo a Villain All Along

The National Review comments on the The Cuomo Investigation Confusion

There could be as many as three — maybe even four — ongoing federal investigations of New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration, all focusing on the Coronavirus Task Force he established last year. 

When Democratic governors not only turned a blind eye to but actively encouraged the throngs of left-wing protesters who blithely ignored the states’ COVID restrictions during the summer, they elucidated a toxic double standard: Economic and religious liberties were curbed, and small businesses were ruined, all in the name of quelling the virus; but protests (and their attendant rioting) were given a wide berth. 

Besides potential civil-rights liability, the Cuomo administration could face problems because the nursing homes that the state oversees receive lots of federal money through Medicare and Medicaid. If the federal government was provided with misleading information about nursing-home-related deaths, the state could be in violation of the federal False Claims Act, which DOJ may enforce by filing civil lawsuits. Consequently, in October, the DOJ’s Civil Division reportedly requested the same information the Cuomo administration had previously supplied to the CRD.

There are allegations that the Cuomo administration lowballed COVID-related nursing-home deaths by nearly half, reporting over 8,000 when the actual figure was over 15,000. What’s more, as National Review reported Friday, a watchdog group, the Empire Center for Public Policy, alleges that, between the time it was issued on March 25 and rescinded two months later, Cuomo’s nursing-home order may have been responsible for over a thousand deaths. The questions then become: Did state officials provide DOJ with false information; did they withhold data they were required to surrender; and did they intentionally hide the true nursing-home death toll?

What the Polls Say

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Despite the above, the Slate notes that a Siena College poll taken after the nursing home scandal broke found that 83 percent of New York Democrats still approve of Cuomo’s handling of COVID, with more than 80 percent also saying specifically that they approve of his work “communicating with the people of New York” and “providing accurate information.”


This is easy to explain. Democrats look the other way when their clan is attacked and Republicans do the same. 

There is no doubt the Republican Senators who voted to convict believed what they were doing. I suspect there were a lot more too but politics got in the way.

The National Review says "Several entities are probing the evolving nursing-home scandal at once. Biden’s DOJ must pick a lead prosecutor — and soon."

I agree. But don't hold your breath.

It all comes down to this: The party is more important that either principles or the Constitution.

Willingness to look the other way explains both Cuomo and Trump.