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Trump's Claim

President Trump told his crowd in Ohio that COVID-19 ‘affects virtually no one’ except older Americans and those with pre-existing conditions as death toll nears 200,000 .

“Take your hat off to the young people because they have a hell of a immune system,” Trump told the cheering crowd. 

“In some states nobody is young. They have a strong immune system – who knows. Take off the hats off to the kids because they have a hell of a immune system. It hardly affects anyone ‘

“Now we know it affects the elderly. Elderly people with heart problems and other problems. If they have other issues, that’s what it really affects. That’s it, ”Trump said.

The above is from Trump says Ohio COVID-19 campaign rally “hardly affects anyone,” but the elderly

First Question of the Day

Does this mean we stop worrying about the elderly, especially recklessly careless elderly like Trump?

Tweet of the Day

25 Positive Associated With Trump

  • Donald Trump
  • Melania Trump 
  • Bill Stepien, Trump CM 
  • Trump Senior Aide Hope Hicks 
  • Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway 
  • Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 
  • Utah Sen Mike Lee 
  • N.C. Sen Thom Tillis 
  • Wisconsin Sen Ron Johnson 
  • RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel 
  • John Jenkins, Notre Dame president 
  • 3 White House reporters 
  • 11 Cleveland debate staff

Second Question of the Day

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Are those people "virtually nobody" or are they just too old to matter? 

Total Dead

The total number of dead in the US from Covid is 213,861. 

Third and Fourth Questions of the Day

Were they all old? What about lasting damage to those who recover?

Bonus Question

When does Trump apologize to the nation for his reckless behavior?

I believe we all know the answer to that one.