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Financial Times author Martin Wolf discusses Zombie Ideas About Brexit That Refuse to Die.

In his rant Wolf states "We need to understand the zombie ideas that hold so many Brexiters in their grip."

Irony of the Day

Wolf's lead in story idea is "It is fanciful to suppose the UK could survive without a favourable deal with the EU."

Those looking for zombie ideas need look no further. For the UK, there is no such thing as a "favourable deal with the EU."

Brexit Realities

  • The EU demands an absurd divorce payment.
  • The EU insists the UK bow down to the European Court of Justice
  • Leaders from every EU country insist that the UK must accept an inferior deal.

With that backdrop, a deal favorable to the UK is impossible.

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Some of those demands may be negotiating tactics, but here's the central EU reality: There is no agreement on anything until there is agreement on everything!

Any nation can sink the deal. The EU is unworkable. Significant treaty changes will never happen because the 28 (soon to be 27) member states will never agree.

Trade negotiations are next to impossible.

Wolf concludes, "The saboteurs are those whose zombie ideas have brought the UK to a ruinous break with its neighbours and natural partners."

Curiously, Martin Wolf seeks favorable terms with a group hell bent on punishing the UK, no matter what it costs the EU.

In his search for zombies, Wolf needs to look in the mirror.

If by some miracle the EU comes to its senses and negotiates a reasonable deal, it will certainly not be from the likes of those who insist any deal is better than no deal.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock