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California vs Ohio Pig Farmers, the Supreme Court Will Hear the Case

California is hell bent on forcing its policies on the entire nation. The case will go to the top court.
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Ohio Pig Farmers vs State of California 

Please consider Ohio Pig Farmers Didn’t Get a Vote on California’s Proposition 12

The Supreme Court will hear “the bacon case” on Oct. 11. National Pork Producers Council v. Ross challenges California’s Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act, also known as Proposition 12. It’s an ill-conceived and unconstitutional 2018 law that attempts to use the Golden State’s enormous market power as leverage to regulate pig farming nationwide.

California lawmakers often presume they know what’s best—in this case for pigs and pig farmers across the country. State regulators are currently training inspectors to disperse across the nation to enforce California’s rules. Out-of-state farmers must certify that their products are compliant with Proposition 12 to be sold in California.

Proposition 12 pressures pork producers to adopt California’s rules, even when those rules prohibit activities that are explicitly legal in the farmers’ own states. With more than 99% of the pork consumed in California coming from out-of-state farms, the practical effect of California’s Proposition 12 is to regulate out-of-state farmers.

Beyond its arrogance, California’s Proposition 12 violates the Constitution’s Commerce Clause. Farmers in Ohio and 48 other states shouldn’t be forced to endure this insult.

California is training its inspectors to travel to other states and impose its rules elsewhere. 

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The arrogance is stunning and ridiculous. 

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