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China Claims Taiwan as Its Own, One Day After Trump Prediction

China threw fat on the geopolitical fires tonight with statements on Taiwan, China, and Russia.
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One China Policy clip from Newsweek video

One China Policy clip from Newsweek video

Trump Predicts China Will Invade Taiwan

A pair of Newsweek headlines caught my eye tonight.

Donald Trump Predicts 'China's Going to Be Next,' Will Invade Taiwan

There are no details to the first headline. The second has details worth discussing.

China Claims Taiwan As Its Own as Russia Tests World With Ukraine

On Wednesday, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters Taiwan is "for sure is not Ukraine." Hua claimed the territory for China, calling it an "inalienable part" of the country, a belief that Hua labeled an "indisputable historical and legal fact." It's a talking point China's held firm to despite pressure from Western leaders to respect Taiwan's sovereignty.

"It is common knowledge that the Taiwan question was caused by a civil war, and there is political confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait due to that civil war. However, China's sovereignty and territory have never been divided and cannot be divided. This is the status quo of the Taiwan question," Hua said.The China claim is nothing new. That has been its position forever.  

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed historic ownership of Ukraine during a speech on February 21. He claimed Ukraine has no identity outside of Russia, as it was "entirely created" by the Russian communist party after Vladimir Lenin came to power and criticized the Soviet leader for giving away territory that Russia had a rightful claim to.

Test of Biden

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China has been saying these things forever, but is this this seemed timed to throw fat on the geopolitical fires. 

It's also a test of Biden who already has his hands full on many fronts, foreign and domestic.

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