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Highways are Racist and Pete Buttigieg Says He Will Fix That

Add highways to the growing list of things that are inherently racist.
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Racist Highway Design

Highways are Racist

Please note Buttigieg Says U.S. Will Use Infrastructure Bill to Address Racist Highway Design

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Monday that his agency will use about $1 billion from President Joe Biden’s public works legislation to remedy racial inequities in U.S. highway design, such as roads that were built to separate predominantly minority neighborhoods from White communities.

“It’s going to vary by community and we have to listen to the community,” Buttigieg said. “Sometimes it really is the case that an overpass went in a certain way that is so harmful that it’s got to come down or maybe be put underground. Other times maybe it’s not that way. Maybe the really important thing is to connect across, to add rather than subtract.”

Good Grief!

There is no question that in the past some highways divided communities and that accentuated economic and racial divisions.

In other cases, the divisions resulted after the Interstate was built. Finally, in some cases, perhaps most cases, there was poor planning. 

Regardless, highways have already been constructed and neighborhoods and communities built around them. 

I grew up in Danville, Illinois. I-74 was a huge boon for the city. Danville is now a huge bust. 

A friend notes that I-83 runs right up the middle of Baltimore to the beltway. 

What is Pete supposed to do it about it? 

Tear up and remove 15 miles of Interstate and bridges and then where would we build the new one? Run it up in the middle of Roland Park and Ruxton which are the affluent parts of the City of Baltimore? Or would we run I 83 through the west so that some of lower income parts of the city are on the same side of the road as Roland Park and Ruxton? 

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Infrastructure spending was supposed to repair existing and build new roads, bridges, ports and airports. 

It was not designed to move highways for social engineering.

Woke Madness

Liberals are in search of injustices everywhere, even when none exist. 

Today we can add "highway are racist" to the every-growing list of racist things like SAT scores, math, grades, and simply being white.  

If that sounds preposterous, please note Coca Cola Confirms Training Employees ‘Try To Be Less White’

Meanwhile, Voters Send Messages to Democrats and Republicans: Is Anyone Listening?

The backlash in Virginia and the near miss in New Jersey were enormous warning signs that people are fed up with Woke madness.

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