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Voters Send Messages to Democrats and Republicans: Is Anyone Listening?

The messages voters sent yesterday should be easy to see. But with polarized politics, who in either party will listen?
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Voters Spoke Clearly But

Messages Sent, Is Anyone Listening?

Voters in Virginia and Minneapolis sent a message to Progressives with the election of Republican Glenn Youngkin over Terry McAuliffe. But that message will not be heard.

Nor will progressives heed the message in Minneapolis where a proposal to Replace Police with Peace Officers went down in flames by a 57:44 margin. 

Socialist Candidate and Only Person On Ballot Loses in Buffalo  

Another hoot for the day happened in the Buffalo New York Mayoral race. 

Self-described Progressive Socialist India Walton was the only person on the ballot and lost

The setup for the Buffalo race pitted Incumbent Mayor Byron Brown against Walton. He lost the primary and no Republicans were on the ballot. That made Walton the only official candidate for Mayor.

Brown ran a write-in campaign and defeated Walton with help of independents and Republicans.

Hello Socialists

Sensible people are fed up with "free" Socialist programs that turn out to not be "free". 

Don't expect that message to be heard. Instead, Progressives will whine about Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Expect Bernie Sanders to double down on Medicare expansion, free school, etc., even though the system is broke.

But that's not the only important message. 

The second key message is Youngkin distanced himself from Trump and won a race many expected him to lose outright, but especially with the huge turnout.


Who Let This Happen?

Hello Republicans

The "Entirely plausible scenario is that GOP has a bunch of good outcomes in 2021/2022 without Trump but then nominates Trump anyway and has a bad 2024."

That's plausible but I stick with my opinion Trump will not run.

Instead, expect Trump to say something like this "I would win easily but .....[insert excuse not to run here].

Two Key Messages 

  1. Voters are sick of progressive issues including CRT, education, and other "free" programs.
  2. Republicans are far better off ignoring Trump

Youngkin smartly distanced himself from Trump, refusing to be seen with him.

Terry McAuliffe had nothing to offer but a fake message attempting to tie Youngkin to Trump. Voters smartly saw through it. 

TDS Type I and Type II

Half the country, if not more, has TDS of some kind. 

In TDS Type I, Trump can do no right. In Type II, Trump can do no wrong. 

Those with Type I TDS widely believe Russia stole the election for Trump in 2016. Those afflicted with Type II still believe Trump won in 2020.

Hillary blames Russia, not herself. Trump blames the media and election fraud. Both need to blame themselves. Neither is capable.

There were small irregularities in both elections but neither amounted to anything. The 2020 irregularities were not enough to turn a single state, let alone the number needed.

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Yet, a huge number of people will believe anything Trump says just as huge numbers of Democrats believe nonsense from Rachel Maddow, CNN, the Slate, the New York Times or wherever.

With that, I've now taken a pot shot at both parties and fully expect inane rebuttal from those afflicted with Type I and Type II TDS.

Trump's Revenge Tactics May Harm Republicans For Many Years

On January 25, I proposed Trump's Revenge Tactics May Harm Republicans For Many Years

"The pro-Trump faction is out for revenge. It will do Republicans no good." 

If that message did not resonate when I said it, It sure should now.

Hostage Politics, Trump's Ego Is All That Matter to Him

On October 17, I commented Hostage Politics, Trump's Ego Is All That Matter to Him.

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented),” Mr. Trump said in a statement Wednesday, “Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

How seriously stupid is that? 

For starters, Trump conclusively and with zero reasonable doubt, lost. 

Second, even if one engages in election fantasies, sitting out elections in protest  would cost Republicans including the state of Virginia yesterday.

Election Fantasies

The Wall Street Journal accurately commented on October 14 ...

Mr. Trump’s escalation is that he is now explicitly tying Republican acceptance of his election fantasy to a threat of electing Democrats as retribution. The message to Republicans is that if they don’t loudly pretend that he won the last election, Mr. Trump will make sure the GOP loses the next one, too.

With the Biden Administration’s polarizing overreach, the 2022 elections are an opportunity for the GOP to retake Congress and check the divisive progressive assault on the U.S. economy and law. But that was also true of the 2021 Georgia races. Mr. Trump may not be finished making his supporters pay for his narcissism.

Youngkin, Not Trump, Paves the Way

The single most important thing for Republicans to do is to ignore Trump. 

Trump demands loyalty to him over traditional Republican values. It's a losing message.

The base is going nowhere. There is no need to appeal to them. Nor is there any reason to appeal to those who seriously believe Trump won. 

However, there is a huge need for Republicans to appeal to independents and swing voters.

Top Message of the Day

The top message of the day, thanks to Youngkin is simple: 

Ignore Trump, stick to traditional Republican values, and win in unexpected places.

Had Youngkin embraced Trump, I believe he would have lost.

Ignore means just that. Pretend Trump does not exist. Don't engage him, encourage him, or mock him. Don't appear on the stage with him. Walk around Trump as you would a homeless beggar in LA. 

Youngkin did that and unexpectedly won a race he was trailing by 9 points after McAuliffe made a stupid statement on education.

Republicans, please pay attention. Stick to winning messages and just let Trump be. 

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