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Hooray! Senator Manchin Say No to Build Back Better, Killing It, As Is

President Biden's top legislative proposal now appears doomed without a major overhaul.
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No, As Is

Manchin Says No

In a blow to Biden's major policy proposal, Manchin Won't Vote for ‘Build Back Better'.

“This is a ‘no’ on this legislation,” Mr. Manchin said on Fox News Sunday. “I have tried everything.”

Democrats have spent months drafting and revising the package, called “Build Back Better,” to win Mr. Manchin’s support, which they need to pass the bill through the 50-50 Senate. Mr. Manchin has maintained his opposition to its design and many of its provisions, but his comments on Sunday cast the future of the legislation into fresh peril.

Mr. Manchin, who spoke with Mr. Biden multiple times last week about the bill, said on Fox News that he couldn’t explain a “yes” vote to the people he represents in West Virginia.

“I’ve tried everything humanly possible,” Mr. Manchin said. “I can’t get there.”

In a statement, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Mr. Manchin’s comments were inconsistent with his recent negotiations with Mr. Biden. Ms. Psaki said that last week Mr. Manchin had submitted to Mr. Biden an outline of provisions he could support in the legislation, in a step that Ms. Psaki said would be the basis of future negotiations.

“If his comments on Fox and written statement indicate an end to that effort, they represent a sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position, and a breach of his commitments to the president and the senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate,” Ms. Psaki said.

It was unclear after Mr. Manchin’s comments on Sunday if the party would move to totally overhaul the bill—and likely jettison many of its provisions—to try to accommodate Mr. Manchin’s position. It also was unclear if Mr. Manchin, who has previously indicated that he could support spending $1.75 trillion on the bill, would accept such a reworked bill.

Key Words 

The Key words in my title vs that the WSJ title are "As Is". 

BBB is doomed unless Progressives agree to huge changes. Manchin has been consistent on his demands since April. 

His statements are far more believable than those of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who appears to be putting words into Manchin's mouth he never really said.

Key Question

The key idea is whether Progressives radically change the program or stick with it.

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I discussed this recently as related to AOC and the Progressive movement in general.

In a series of delusional Tweets, AOC wins the blue ribbon for Tweet irony.

A Delusional AOC Provides the Tweet Irony of the Day

No Progressive princess, what's happening is the public is sick of your progressive cohort for hijacking the Democratic Party to the extreme Left.

The vote in Virginia and near loss in New Jersey were not because of failure to pass programs. The vote is because you want to pass extreme Progressive bills.

A Democrat bloodbath is likely in November of 2022.

Meanwhile, if the delusional Progressive stick with the same plan, Build Back Better will not pass at all. And that would be a great thing.

The final irony is that in order to kill BBB entirely, we must now hope Progressives keep doing what they're doing.

Go for it AOC! 

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