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It's Senator Manchin's Patriotic Duty to Switch Parties to Stop Congressional Insanity

Tired of Progressive nonsense? So am I. Here's one possible solution.
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The Spotlight is On Senator Joe Manchin

Stop the Insanity!

As noted yesterday, Senator Manchin Urges Fed to Immediately Taper to Halt Inflation and Avoid Tax Hikes.


Are you frightened by sanity or insanity? 

On the Insane Side

Manchin can do little or nothing about Fed insanity but he can stop fiscal insanity in Congress easily.

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Q: How?
A: Switch Political Parties

If Manchin flipped, it would make McConnell the Senate Majority Leader and end the threat of Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie breaking vote for fiscally insane policies.

I suggest it is Manchin's patriotic duty to switch political parties.


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