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So what do we do now? By “we” I mean all those left, center and even right who saw Donald Trump as the worst man ever to run for president and assumed that a strong majority of our fellow citizens would agree.
I’m not talking about rethinking political strategy. There will be a time for that — God knows it’s clear that almost everyone on the center-left, myself included, was clueless about what actually works in persuading voters.
Tuesday’s fallout will last for decades, maybe generations.
I particularly worry about climate change. We were at a crucial point, having just reached a global agreement on emissions and having a clear policy path toward moving America to a much greater reliance on renewable energy. Now it will probably fall apart, and the damage may well be irreversible.

Vacation in the Head

Krugman went on to say “I myself spent a large part of the Day After avoiding the news, doing personal things, basically taking a vacation in my own head.”

After taking a vacation in the head, he came back with the wrong answer.

Caroline Baum commented this way.

Krugman Remains Clueless

The left in general is clueless, but at least one person on the left understands why Hillary lost.

Response to Baum

Climate Change

Not only is Krugman clueless about what happened and why in the election, he is also clueless about one of his top priorities: global warming.


Climate change has been taking place in both directions over hundreds of millions of years. We have had numerous ice ages and massive warm-ups lasting tens of thousands or even millions of years.

Now, people suddenly believe the last 100 years are significant. The last 10,000 years may not be significant. And of course the data was manipulated to get the desired result.

Yet, for the sake of argument, let’s assume the theory is correct. History shows that when governments set out to do something, undesired results happen. Affordable health care, affordable housing, and the war on poverty are all prime examples.

The war on drugs turned out to be a war for drugs, and prisons as well.

If there is a problem, the free markets will take care of it. We are already seeing the rise in Uber, solar energy, and electric cars.

The amazing thing about this is the EU protests China’s dumping of solar panels at prices allegedly too cheap. If the EU or US was worried enough they would welcome free solar panels if China offered them.

Uber provides rides on demand. It is an efficient system. Governments everywhere have been fighting Uber. Huge protests and stoppages have occurred in France. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is fighting Uber.

What a bunch of freaking hypocrites!

Al Gore wants to Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World.

$90 trillion! What an idiot. How about spending nothing and simply letting the free market compete with driverless, electric powered Uber cars at a cost of $0?!

By the way, the Hill reports Trump Considering Ways to Quickly Exit Paris Climate Agreement.

It will not matter. Whatever the problem, government is not the solution.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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