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Let's Tune Into Janet Yellen Quotes of the Day and Responses to Them

Let's investigate "I didn't see that coming" and other nonsense from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
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Comic from Yellen Tweet below.

Comic from Yellen Tweet below.

No Recession

Chip Shortages 

Did Not See This Coming

The Hope Strategy

Sarcasm of the Day Award to ZeroHedge

No Recession in the Works

Oil Could Go Further

Rethinking Transitory 

Brilliant Thinking 

Dear Janet Yellen

Job Growth?

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A Mistake to Put Yellen In Charge 

The entire Fed is a mistake. None of them had a real job outside the Fed or academia. 

But what do we do about it?

Fire Janet Yellen? 

Recession Outlook Update, Where Do Things Currently Stand?

Yellen sees no recession. I suggest we might be in one right now. 

For discussion, please see Recession Outlook Update, Where Do Things Currently Stand?

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