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Lumber Price Crash Continues, Not Even a Tiny Bounce

Lumber futures have plunged but still remain near prior peaks. What about a 2x4 stud?
Lumber Price Crash Continues

After topping out over $1700 the lumber futures crashed below the $600 level.

Lumber Futures by Month

Lumber Futures 2021-07-12


Futures prices are easy to find. What I would like to see but cannot find is the historical price of a builder grade 2'x4' stud 8' long or whatever is typically used. 

Any builders out there have some 2'x4' prices when futurers were $300, $400, $1700, then back down to now?

How much did the average cost of a house to build rise, then fall?



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Bitcoin Stable: CBOE Website Crashes

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