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MishTalk TV Episode #3: Lacy Hunt Still Bullish on Treasuries

Lacy Hunt at Hoisington Management joins me for a discussion of the economy and bond yields.
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Discussion Topics

  • Milton Friedman's Famous Statement on Inflation
  • M2 Money Supply
  • Reverse Repos
  • Velocity
  • Government Spending Net Negative for the Economy
  • Debt
  • Fed Rate Hikes 
  • Slowing Economy

In Mishtalk TV #4 I again meet with Lacy.

Topics For Episode #4

  • Inflation Expectations 
  • Economic Models
  • GDP Expectations
  • Rate Hike Expectations
  • Margaret Thatcher Quotes

We filmed both episodes on Monday noting the slowing economy and expected negative real final sales for the third quarter.

Today's Third-Quarter Advance GDP numbers did show negative real final sales and the report was weaker than the consensus.

Bottom Line

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The Hoisington Management 2021 Third-Quarter Review contains more detail on some of the things we discussed. 

Lacy is still bullish on US treasuries and positioned accordingly for his bond fund. 

I will post MishTalk TV #4, also with Lacy, early next week.

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