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MishTalk TV with the CEO of FreightWaves: Trucking Recession or the Real Deal?

Inventories are building everywhere and the speed at which shipping is slowing is stunning. Discretionary spending is on the decline.
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Trucking Recession or Full Blown Recession

Craig Fuller joins Mish on MishTalk TV. 

Fuller is the Founder/CEO of FreightWaves, American Shipper, and CEO of FLYING Magazine.

Fuller says a trucking recession is underway. We discuss what that means and if a full recession will follow.

I asked about the DOW transport Index which took a hit, and an article by Fuller may have influenced the decline. We also discuss the demand for drivers at Walmart.

The video follows a few Tweets by Fuller, one involving Paul Krugman.

Driver Shortage No More

Truck Sales 

The Bullwhip and Krugman

For discussion of the bullwhip, please see Fuller's article Will the bullwhip do the Fed’s job on inflation?

Manufacturing Will Onshore

"Over the next decade, China will lose its status as the world's manufacturing hub, while America will retain its status as the global reserve currency."

Onshoring is one of the topics I discussed with Fuller. Curiously, Trump and Biden have the same trade policy.

In isolation, onshoring means higher inflation.

MishTalk Video

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You can follow Craig Fuller on Twitter at @FreightAlley.

Question of Trust

"China as a trustworthy trading partner is a thing of the past," says Fuller.

For those who think the Yuan will soon replace the US dollar as reserve currency need to think of the implications of trust. 

However, the issue of trust also applies to the US in regards to weaponizing the US dollar. 

Supply chain disruptions and distrust are everywhere.

For further discussion along those lines, please see Janet Yellen Warns China on Russia and Creating a Bipolar Global Financial System

Thanks Craig!

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