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The Clean Energy Corps Has $62 Billion and It Wants You

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announces the Clean Energy Corps.
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Announcing the Clean Energy Corps

The Clean Energy Corps Wants You

"This is YOUR opportunity to join us in making that future a reality. Regardless of whether you are new to clean energy, or have been doing this work for years, we want YOU as part of our Clean Energy Corps," says Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

“Your country needs you! Your planet needs you!”

"We want people who are passionate who are driven and ready to work hard on a mission of a lifetime."

"We need project, grant, and portfolio managers to get investments out the door."

"Deploy, Deploy, Deploy!"

Granholm has a lot of enthusiasm. There's no question about that. She also has $62 billion to burn and is anxious to burn it. 


Recall that the Energy Department used the 2010 green stimulus money to finance such failures including Fisker Automotive and Solyndra. 

Portfolio managers will soon be knocking on her door all wanting a big piece of that $62 billion. 

I don't wish to dampen her enthusiasm, but please consider the question Is Going Green Really Worth It?

Well, best of luck to Granholm. We should all wish her success.

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