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The Overall Mood in the US Grows More Pessimistic

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows most disapprove of Biden’s handling of gun violence, immigration, and crime.
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Outside of Covid-19 Biden

A new Ipos Poll shows support for Biden is crumbling in several areas. 

Key Findings

  • Currently, 45% are optimistic about where the country is headed over the next year, while 55% are pessimistic.
  • This marks a nearly 20-point decline in optimism from late April, the last time this question was asked. At that time, 64% were optimistic about the year ahead.
  • A majority approve of Biden’s handling of the pandemic, economic recovery, and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. However, Biden’s approval rating on handling the pandemic is now nine percentage points lower than at the end of March; his standing on the economic recovery is seven points lower over the same time period.
  • Overall, slightly more than a third of Americans approve of the way the president is handling crime (39%), immigration and the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border (37%), and gun violence (37%).
  • On these three issues, just over one in three independents approve of the job Biden is doing, while he receives positive marks from only around one in ten Republicans.
  • Growing pessimism is happening across all age groups, income levels, educational attainment, and partisan affiliation.

Midterm Election Key

Independents will hold the key as to how well Democrats do in the midterm elections. 

117th House

The incumbent party normally loses seats and Democrats have no seats to spare in the Senate and only 4 seats to spare in the House.

A loss of 5 seats (assuming the vacancies split 2-2) would cost Nancy Pelosi he job as House Speaker.

It would also kill any chances of Biden passing further legislation regardless of what happens in the Senate.

And if Republicans gain control of the House expect a deep investigation into Hunter Biden.

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For now, independents as a group are undoubtedly upset at the strong Socialist turn by the Democrats.

Stagflation Threat 

Yesterday I noted The Stagflation Threat is Very Real but Congress Holds the Key

Here is the key question: Are Manchin, Sinema, and Tester On Board Biden's $3.5 Trillion Socialist Express?

Meanwhile, the Progressives are pushing for even more. Bernie Sanders is back with more demands.

The problem for all of us is that if Congress does pass this monster socialist program, it will be impossible to undo.

Biden will hold veto power even if the Republicans take the House and Senate.


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