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Stocks and Bonds Reverse


The stock and bond markets did not react well to Powell's press conference.

5-Year Bond Reaction

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Gold Reaction

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Unhappy With Powell

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An initial dovish-appearing statement reversed at the press conference.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Trump Cites Powell's "Lack of Vision" Seeks 100 Basis Point Rate Cut and QE

Trump blasted Fed Chair Jerome Powell in a pair of Tweets today. Trump wants huge rate cuts and possibly some QE.

Autopilot in Reverse: Fed Discusses Regular Use of QE in Non-Emergencies

San Francisco Fed President admits open debate on permanent QE as a regular tool. Autopilot is in reverse gear.

Fed Seeks Firm Grip On Interest Rates, Supposedly Not QE

Powell was busy yapping away about the need to control interest rates, looking more than a bit foolish in the process.

Reader "Worried about Inflation, Deflation, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Everything"

A recently retired reader friend is worried about, inflation, deflation, bonds, stocks, banks, and gold.

Trump Says "No Preconditions for Meeting with Iran": Press Conference Snips

Trump met with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe in a joint press conference. Interesting details emerge.

Powell Floats "Fed Will Act As Appropriate" Rate Cut Message

Powell issued a rare inter-meeting statement promising to support U.S. economy.

Trump Nominates Gold Advocate Judy Shelton for the Fed

Trump nominated Judy Shelton, a gold standard advocate, for the Fed. She faces an uphill battle.

Fed-Proof Bond Bet?

The yield curve is the flattest since 2007. Nonetheless, traders think it will get flatter. The bond bet du jour is the next Fed chair will keep hiking but not as much as the Fed thinks.

Trump Blasts Powell on Rate Hikes, QT, and the Strong Dollar at CPAC 2019

Speaking during the CPAC 2019 conference on Saturday, Trump blasted Fed Chair Jerome Powell on three fronts.