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Revenge Inspired Meltdown

An Arizona Republican Meltdown inspired by demands for revenge is underway.

Republicans lost Arizona in the November presidential race for the first time since 1996, and they have lost three U.S. Senate races in a row. How to respond? Naturally, Arizona’s Republican Party decided on the weekend to censure three of its most prominent fellow Republicans.

The state party’s committee members, led by chairwoman Kelli Ward, passed resolutions rebuking Cindy McCain, the widow of former Sen. John McCain; former Sen. Jeff Flake; and even current Gov. Doug Ducey. 

Mr. Trump, now decamped to Mar-a-Lago, is contemplating revenge against everyone in the GOP he blames for his defeat. He blames Mr. Ducey for not challenging Arizona’s electoral votes for Joe Biden, though the Governor had no legal grounds for doing so. 

The attack on Mr. Ducey is simply bizarre. The Governor has a strong conservative record and will finish his second term in 2022. Why would Mr. Ducey run if his own party members are attacking him? Sure enough, he said this weekend he has no interest in running for the Senate.

If Republicans want to keep losing elections, they’ll keep fighting over 2020 and Donald Trump instead of looking to the future.

The Cult Wants Revenge

The Trump cult wants revenge. Even Karl Rove now refers to Trump's followers as the cult. 

The Republican party needs to move on, but the cult would rather have a civil war, damn the consequences. 

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Trump is washed up, finished, through. He lost in 2020 for one and only one reason: Enough of the country despised him.

Trump will still be as despised four years from now, only four years older, age 78.

Where's Trump going besides nowhere? And that even assumes he is not convicted in the impeachment trial. 

Meanwhile, those wanting revenge or an outright civil war need to ask themselves "What good it can possibly do?"

In his farewell speech, Trump said he will be back in ‘some form’. It will do neither him, nor the party any good.