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Biggest Loser of the Night Donald Trump, Biggest Winner Ron DeSantis

Trump-backed candidates went down in Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Hampshire and trail in Georgia.
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Donald Trump Biggest Loser of the Night

Biggest Loser: Donald Trump

Trump may have cost Republicans the Senate. I will not stay up for the final results but as of 1:16 AM Central, Republicans needs a sweep of Wisconsin, Nevada, and a runoff election in Georgia. 

This easily could have been a blowout for Republicans but wasn't.

Herschel Walker lived in Texas before being recruited by Trump to run for Georgia Senate using an Atlanta residence owned by his wife.

In Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire "stop the steal" candidates backed by Trump went down in flames. 

In a couple of states, abortion may have been the decisive factor dashing Republican gubernatorial races. Democrats gained two governor seats.

Brian Kemp will be Georgia Governor although Trump actively campaigned against Kemp in the Republican primary.

Kemp's sin was resisting pressure by Trump to overturn the Georgia election.

Biggest Winner: Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis shows how to deal with Trump: ignore him. 

With 99 percent of the vote in, DeSantis is in a blowout win 59.4 percent to  Charlie Crist 39.9 percent. DeSantis massively outperformed Trump's 2020 results in every county.

Importantly, DeSantis gerrymandering flipped at least three Democrat-held seats.

Spotlight Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin

Republican Ron Johnson expected to be a shoo-in for Wisconsin is barely ahead. Nevada is too early to call but if Republicans lose, pin that on Trump as well. 

Adam Laxalt, a former attorney general who helped lead former President Donald J. Trump’s efforts to overturn Nevada’s presidential election results in 2020.

Georgia is likely headed for a runoff. If Walker wins it will be despite Trump, not because of Trump.

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I do not know how these Senate races will turn out, but it's still likely Republicans take the House but there was no red wave. 

Trump will brag about hardcore stop the steal candidates winning House seats, but those were always safe Republican seats anyway. 

Key Evening Take Away

Quality matters. Independents swung against stop the steal. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell and Ron DeSantis got this right. Trump got it wrong.

Tonight was a disaster for high profile Trump-backed candidates. There is no other reasonable conclusion. 

If you were hoping for divided gridlock. Congratulations, you got it as long as the House projections hold.


Johnson projected to win Wisconsin

Michigan 3rd

Ben Shapiro and my Reply

What About Nevada and Georgia?

Republicans will have little reason to back Walker unless it matters for control of senate. That's how bad Trump's hand-picked abortion hypocrite is.

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