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Anti-Vax Talk Show Host Phil Valentine Dies, Here's His "Educated Decision"

"Why in the world would I get the vaccine?” asked Valentine.
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Phil believed he previously had Covid and thus was immune. 

Audio Excerpts

  • The Left freak out over vaccination holdouts.
  • I am making an educated decision on whether to get vaccinated.
  • So far, so good. Why in the world would I get the vaccine with a 99.5% survival rate?
  • Now that i've had it. I'm immune.
  • I took the [CDC's] I got my Covid vaccine picture and I marked through the word vaccine. 
  • And I said doing my patriotic duty for natural herd immunity. I got my Covid-19 [laughter by Phil].


Yahoo News reports "On his radio show Valentine would often sing a song called 'Vaxman, a parody of The Beatles's song 'Taxman.'"

Plea to Look at the "Dadgum" Data

"He regrets not being more adamant about getting the vaccine. Look at the dadgum data," his brother Mark Valentine said, as reported by NBC News.

More adamant about getting vaccinated?!? How could he be any more adamant about not getting vaccinated?

What about the theory "I got my Covid-19 [laughter]" so I am immune?

What About Ivermectin?

Apnews comments on Ivermectin.

Phil Valentine also said that he was “taking vitamin D like crazy” and had found a doctor who agreed to prescribe ivermectin, a drug primarily used to treat parasites in animals."

OK Ivermectin has known medical uses in humans mainly for parasites. But self prescription to prevent Covid is at best experimental.  

Data on vaccinations is crystal clear. 

Message From a Libertarian

"I'm a Libertarian. I don't like being told what to do," said the 53 year-old patient who died 9 days later.

Patriotic Duty

Congratulations to everyone getting killed doing their patriotic duty while simultaneously spreading Covid so that others have a better chance of doing their patriotic duty too.

This is the problem isn't it?

Does your right to not get vaccinated infringe on the rights of others to not be infected by you?

Does your right to not get vaccinated infringe on the rights of others whose insurance rates will surely go up because you do not get vaccinated? 

Should those who refuse to get vaccinated also refuse to go out in public so they do not inadvertently spread the disease?

If the unvaccinated patriots do get sick, should they also refuse to go to hospitals where they risk spreading the disease to others while simultaneously causing insurance rates to go up?

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Struggles at Drawing the Line

  • I struggle with the idea of talk show hosts promoting Ivermectin while rejecting as experimental vaccinations that tens of millions have taken safely.
  • More importantly, I struggle with precisely where these self-proclaimed patriots and freedom fighters should and do draw the line about their rights vs the rights of others.

I am not being facetious or flippant. It is a very serious issue about where to draw the line. 

A reader commented: "I have a nasty cataract in my left eye that I have been trying to get removed for sometime. Once again I hear from the doctor's office no elective surgeries are being done. Trying to obtain routine medical procedures here in Florida during this Covid debacle has been daunting."   

Vaccinations are proven to slow the spread of serious cases. Hospitals are clogged with severe cases of Covid, mosty from unvaccinated, needlessly draining supplies from others in need. ICUs are at capacity also due to people on a fool's mission against the data.

If the unvaccinated only posed a risk to themselves, it would be one thing. But that is not what the data suggests. The more people that get Covid the more mutations occur, the more hospitalizations happen, etc. 

Furthermore, it is well within the rights of employers to require vaccinations and well within the rights of public health officials to mandate vaccinations in hospitals and nursing homes. 

The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that schools can mandate vaccines. Hospitals seem to fit right in.  

I wish more companies would require vaccinations. 

How can Libertarians tell companies they have no right to set terms of employment? 

If the alleged patriots don't like it, it is their right to quit and stay home.

Don't Like It? Stay Home

 "Dadgum" Data

Struggles with the line aside, please let's discuss the "dadgum data". 

  1. Dear Anti-Vaxxers Let's Discuss the Best Covid Data That Exists Anywhere
  2. Covid Vaccination Rates vs Death Rates Daily and Last 7 Days 

OK, weight and age are factors. So what? 

The dadgum data overwhelmingly suggest Valentine would be alive today if only he paid attention to the dadgum data.

And it's not just about the cumulative 628,000 deaths so far. Countless more will be impacted for the rest of their lives with Covid symptoms, lung impairments, etc., that never go away.

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