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Average Gas Price Just a Penny Shy of $5.00 a Gallon

Gas is over $5.00 a gallon in 20 states and just under $5.00 in many others.
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AAA Gas price 2022-06-10

For an interactive map updated daily, see AAA Gas Prices

The price of crude fell on Friday in the major market selloff, so it may be a while before prices top $5.00 nationally.  

Biden Warns U.S. Inflation Could Last 'For a While' 

Putin's Tax 

I Won't Blame Others

Who's Running the Show?

In the Clearly Delusional Department 

Regarding Tools

Questions of the Day

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  • If the Fed has the tools to fight inflation, why hasn't it use them already? 
  • Since it appears they haven't been used, why hasn't WH said exactly which tools should be used and how to deal with inflation?

Why Did Economists Blow the CPI Forecast So Badly This Month?

Economists blew the CPI forecast badly underestimating inflation this month. Let's investigate why, including my advance warning on the key component.

For the answer, please see Why Did Economists Blow the CPI Forecast So Badly This Month?

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