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Biden Ponders More Free Money and Rebate Cards to Address Gasoline Pain

Biden weighs a gas tax holiday, but not everyone in his administration agrees.
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Hooray, Free Gas Rebates

More Free Money 

Please note Biden may soon back a gas tax holiday -- plus rebate cards -- to address pain at the pump

The president said Monday he could make a decision as soon as this week on whether to support Congress instituting a pause on the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon, which experts have estimated could lower prices by approximately 14.72 cents per gallon.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Sunday that the administration was open to considering such a move, citing the cost on consumers. As of Monday, the national average gas price was $4.98 per gallon.

"Gas prices have risen a great deal, and it's clearly burdening households," Yellen said during an appearance on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos. "So [the president] stands ready to work with Congress and [gas tax holidays are] an idea that's certainly worth considering."

"Part of the challenge with the gas tax, of course, is that it funds the roads," Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said on CNN. "[W]e just did a big infrastructure bill to help fund the roads. So if we do -- if we remove the gas tax -- that takes away the funding that was just passed by Congress to be able to do that."

Biden told reporters on Monday that, as another relief measure, gas rebate cards were also under deliberation. "That's part of what we're considering," he said when asked. "That's part of the whole operation."

It's unclear, however, how such rebate cards would work -- whether they would be pre-loaded or provide rebates post-purchase.

Unclear How It Works 

With this administration is unclear how anything works. That's primarily because it's difficult to find anything that does work. 

This is a political stunt unlikely to make it out of Congress anyway.

Meanwhile, please note Infrastructure Projects Create $25 Per Hour Bidding War For Employees.

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So let's do it all for free. Why not? 

Also note Germany's Climate Protection Minister Mandates More Coal to Produce Electricity

Yet, mysteriously, the Greens are not only silent, they approve this message. But don't dare suggest nuclear energy ether here or there. 

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