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Biden Threatens Saudi Arabia With Unspecified Consequences for Slashing Oil Production

"There will be consequences," says president Biden. It's time to rethink our relationship with Saudi Arabia says the president.
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Image from YouTube video below.

Image from YouTube video below.

YouTube Video

Here is the clip of president Biden threatening consequences. 

Democrats Urge Freeze in Cooperation

The following video from yesterday shows Senators Dick Durbin of Illinois, and Bob Menendez of New Jersey urging the President to take action.

Senator Bob Menendez Comments 

"The US must immediately freeze all aspects of our cooperation with Saudi Arabia, including arms sales and security cooperation beyond what is absolutely necessary to defend US interests."

Senator Menendez is Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Senator Dick Durbin Comments 

"Look at what's happened here. Russia and Saudi Arabia have decided they are going to have a joint effort to come to the rescue of Russia in the Ukraine at the expense of the United States. That is as clear a declaration by the Saudis that they are on the other side of history."

Dick Durbin is Chair of the US Senate Judiciary Committee

CNN asked "Do you think Saudi Arabia wants Russia to win in Ukraine?" 

Durbin responded, "Clearly it does. Let's stop beating around the bush. ... Saudi Arabia has decided they will ally with him [Putin]"

"Let's be very candid about this. Putin and Saudi Arabia are against the United States. ... We have reached the end of our rope. ... The Saudis would rather be in league with Putin than the United States."

CNN asked "Stop all arms sales to Saudi?"

Durbin responded "I am not going to vote for one. I do not see any reason to give them arms if they are allies of Putin. Let them rely on Russian MIGs or whatever they choose in the future."

Key Fact of the Matter 

  1. It does not matter the administration or the political party. US presidents believe they can demand the world bow to their wishes. 
  2. No matter what party is in power, the US never sees its own huge role in the ongoing mess, no matter what the mess is.
  3. Biden aims to kill the entire fossil fuel industry. 
  4. For political purposes only, Biden engaged in reckless drawdowns of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves then demanded the Saudis aid him in the midterm elections.

Reckless Actions

Think about points three and four. Why should Saudi Arabia help an administration hell bent on making its energy assets useless? 

Biden treats the US oil industry no different. It's all threats, demands and bullying while simultaneously threatening to put the industry out of business. 

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The US oil industry did not cooperate, nor did Saudi Arabia, for good reason, not because "The Saudis would rather be in league with Putin than the United States," as Senator Durbin recklessly states. 

Did the US Pick the Correct Ally?

Durbin is not totally wrong about the US-Saudi relationship. Administration hypocrites in both parties have sucked up to Saudi Arabia with questionable arms sales. 

Terror is arguably the US's number one export. What Saudi did to Yemen is sickening. And the US mostly looked the other way. 

Look at US drone policy. How many new enemies do we make when the US accidentally hits the wrong target killing innocent kids? 

Importantly, it was Saudi nationals, not Iranians, not Iraqis, not Afghans responsible for 911. 

Did we even pick the right ally? 

It's impossible to understand what might have been, but recall that the US and UK overthrew a democratically elected government in Iran and replaced him with a US energy puppet. 

I suspect, but cannot prove, the US could have cultivated a far better relationship with Iran than Saudi Arabia with far less effort. 

Consequences of US Meddling 

The world suffered through the consequences of George W. Bush's unfounded and illegal war in Iraq. Isis resulted from the vacuum the US created. Europe was hit by a flood of immigrants that ultimately led to the downfall of Angela Merkel.

The world is suffering from US meddling in Ukraine in 2014. By supporting Ukraine in the UN and EU, US meddling set the stage for the war that going on now. That does not excuse Russia, but the US had a direct hand in current events. 

I believe that it's ridiculous to ascertain as Durbin did, that "The Saudis would rather be in league with Putin than the United States."

But assume I am wrong. Why did it happen then?

The correct answer is Biden energy policy drove Saudi Arabia into the arms of Russia, a direct consequence of US energy policy under this administration.

Meanwhile, please consider An Inflationary Quagmire of US and EU Climate Change Hypocrisy

Also note see The Massive Clean Energy Boondoggle of Burning Trees as Carbon Neutral

So, yes, Mr. President, there will be consequences. But those consequences will not be one-sided. Damn the consequences, fire away. 

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