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The UK election is over. Those expecting a hung parliament that found out otherwise in a record 5 seconds.

The exit polls were not only astonishing, they were astonishingly accurate. The exit poll Tory estimate was 368.

With 648 of 650 seats announced, the results look like this.

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My "Fearless Forecast" was Tories 345, Labour 226, and Lib Dems 17.

Apologies offered for not being optimistic enough.

What Happened?

I can sum up the blowout result in a set of Tweets from Andrew Adonis, a Labour peer, diehard Remainer. and former cabinet minister under Gordon Brown.

Plain as Day

The key idea was in the polls from beginning to end.

Flashback November 18: Fear of Corbyn Outweighs Fear of Brexit

My Comment: "This election is no longer primarily about Brexit, it's primarily about Corbyn."

Perhaps this is easier to see from afar. Perhaps it is simple willingness to dive into the polls. Either way, Corbyn's unpopularity was of epic proportion, poll after poll after poll.

Why is it shocking news that people, when they finally got into the voting booth, voted against someone they could not stand?

Second Reason

Adonis gets the second reason too. I will rephrase things my way: Corbyn is a Marxist who let (if not encouraged) the party to be hijacked by radical left activists the average person simply cannot believe.

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Both reasons point squarely at Corbyn.

Size of the Swings

Jo Swinson is Gone

Party rules say Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson must stand down.

I offer a musical tribute.

Jeremy Corbyn Steps Down

Earlier tonight Jeremy Corbyn announced he was standing down. But he refused to say when. He wants to "reflect on the result".

Reflect on This

Corbyn blamed Brexit. He blamed the media. He blamed disgusting politicians.

On the latter, he is of course correct. He just forgot to look in the mirror while making that statement.

Corbyn Already Sounds Like Hillary

Corbyn is whining as loudly as Hillary Clinton.

He just forgot one thing. He forgot to blame Russia.

He will have plenty of time to reflect on things, then blame Russia.

Faith Restored

Mike "Mish" Shedlock