The Cass Freight Shipping Index is down 9.4% year-over-year, the largest decline since 2009. And this is for January, before the Coronavirus disruption.

The turn of the calendar didn’t leave the bad news in 2019, as the Cass Freight Index showed continued weakness in the U.S. freight market. Both the shipments and expenditures components of the Cass Freight Index worsened sequentially and showed decelerating y/y growth. According to the broader stock market levels, there is still optimism out there, but the freight trends have yet to turn. And the Covid-19 coronavirus case count continues to grow, creating uncertainty around containment and eventual impact on global supply chains. Some Chinese factories resumed operation this past week, but they are still not close to 100% production levels. Others have pushed re-opening back to March 1.

Shipping Volumes

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Cass Freight Index

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Even before the coronavirus issues have any impact on the U.S. transportation market, the freight market is weak, partially due to elevated inventories.

Cass Air Freight Demand

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Cass Truckload Linehaul Index

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The Cass Truckload Linehaul Index, measuring per-mile linehaul rates, takes a look at the largest (and most fragmented) market in the domestic transportation landscape, and it showed a y/y decline of 6.3% in January (a big step-down from the -3.3% in December), as capacity loosened after a tight holiday shipping period.

Consumer Confidence


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On the plus side, going into 2020, the sentiment index for consumer confidence remains high. This is why the freight (and industrial) data has not translated into worse news for the broader economy yet. If this trend continues, it will provide support for the economy and likely guarantee the President a second term in office.

Consumer Confidence Silliness

That's more than a bit nonsensical.

If consumer confidence helped shipping, then the shipping index would not be the down 9.4% year-over-year, with a two-year change of -9.6%, and the worst decline since 2009.

Virus Probably With Us Beyond 2020

The above from Coronavirus Expert Opinions.

CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield says "I think this virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we'll get community based transmission and you can start to think about it like seasonal flu. The only difference is we don't understand this virus."

Also note Harvard Professor Says Global Coronavirus Pandemic is Likely

Massive Shipping Disruptions Coming Up

The most important aspect of this report is that coronavirus implications are not yet reflected in the charts.

Note that Half the Population of China, 760 Million, Now Locked Down

Supply chain disruptions have barely started.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Cass Freight Index Showed Economic Weakness Way Before the Pandemic

Numerous freight charts point to a weakening economy months before the coronavirus hit.

Shockingly Weak Retail Sales: Down 1.2% in December, Sharpest Decline Since 2009

Holiday retail spending came in shockingly bad. Retail sales fell 1.2 percent vs economists expectations of a rise.

UK Retail Sales Plunge Most Since March of 2009

Additional cracks are starting to appear in the global economy. In the UK, retail sales plunged the most in eight years. Consumers are also becoming worried about falling house prices. I propose consumers should have been worried that home prices would tank long ago.

Recession Warning: Freight Volumes Negative YoY for 11th Straight Month

The Cass Freight Index once again warns again of economic contraction.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day

US schools shut, more Princess Cruise Ship disasters, Huge hotel cancellations, airline index plunge.

Inflation-Adjusted Spending Declines Most Since September 2009: Stagflation Coming?

Today’s Personal Income and Outlays report shows consumer spending rose less than economists predicted and far less than inflation. The result is a big decline in real spending. Economists surveyed by Econoday missed the mark once again.

Cass Freight Index Contracts 8th Month: Cass Predicts Negative GDP by Q3 or Q4

Based on global shipping indexes, Cass expects a US GDP contraction in the third or fourth quarter.

Export Prices Have Largest Monthly Decline Since 2015

Export prices declined a steep 1.1% in February the most since 2015. Import prices fell 0.5%.

Coronavirus Week in Review: Top 10 Things That Happened

The stock market had the most wild ride in history. The week culminated with a declaration of emergency by Trump.