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Macro Dream Team Videocast Parts One and Two

I just finished watching a two-part video featuring Lyn Alden, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Stephany Pomboy, and Ivy Zelman. Do yourself a big favor and watch them.
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Macro Dream Team courtesy of Wealthion

Macro Dream Team courtesy of Wealthion

The videos were by Wealthion founder Adam Taggart who interviewed a literal macro dream team of four guests. 

I am a bit late in reviewing the videos as it's a struggle for me to devote close to 90 minutes watching anything. 

However, having done so, I assure you it may be the best 90 minutes you spend watching anything. 

Part I: Lyn Alden, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Stephany Pomboy, and Ivy Zelman

Part 2: Lyn Alden, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Stephany Pomboy, and Ivy Zelman

Part2 does not go for an hour. Rather its about the first 25 minutes or so of the second hour.

I took pages of notes as I watched, actually 14 sticky notes still spread out in a line across my desk. 

I intended to post a synopsis, but decided, "Hey, just watch the whole thing and take notes yourself".

The interplay is marvelous, especially between Stephany and Danielle. While Stephany does not see the Fed hiking much and possibly not at all, Danielle is more along the lines the Fed will hike until it breaks something.

I concur with Stephany the Fed will get in far fewer hikes than most think. 

Danielle's concern as a former Fed staff insider is the credit market. That's how the Fed will view things.

Philosophically, I think more like Stephany who discusses what a stock market plunge will do to demand, a topic I have mentioned many times recently.

Lyn, Danielle, and Stephany all warn about a seriously overvalued stock market and all like gold. 

A Huge Wave of Housing Supply Will Soon Hit the Market

Ivy is the real estate specialist and she spoke of something I also mentioned recently, huge supply of homes under construction all hitting the market soon, just as the Fed is hiking, the economy is cooling, stimulus is wearing off, and the stock market is tanking.

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I discussed housing om February 25, in A Huge Wave of Housing Supply Will Soon Hit the Market

Ivy has more in depth housing knowledge than nearly anyone.  

Here's a few teaser notes: Ivy commented "Too many homes and not enough bodies," a true contrarian position.

Danielle discussed the "Fed Put" (a mythical stock market floor), Adam got in a comment "No White Knights", and Lyn made a comment something to the effect of better to lose 7% to inflation holding the dollar than to be in the stock market.

Yes, it was a very bearish group.

Demand Destruction

On March 3 I penned, A Recession Looms, Blame the Fed and Biden, Not Russia

Five Reasons Huge Demand Destruction Coming Up

  1. Stimulus wearing off
  2. Fed tightening
  3. Mortgage rates low but rising will kill cash-out refis and reduce purchases
  4. Wealth effect of stock market collapse will be enormous
  5. Neither China nor the US can save the global economy

While many of my own readers disagree and think "Russia is to blame" Stephany posted these Tweets yesterday.

Very few people see a recession coming. But the dream team does. 

Do yourself a favor and watch both parts. Hopefully they are more persuasive than I am.

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