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Wuhan to San Francisco Today

Wuhan to San Francisco 00:00-06:00 - No Flights

Wuhan to San Francisco 06:00-12:00 - No Flights

Wuhan to San Francisco 12:00-18:00 - Three Flights to San Francisco (China South, American, Delta) are listed as "Scheduled".

Wuhan to San Francisco 18:00-00:00 - No Flights

The huge problem with Flightstats is you have to click on every flight to see if it is scheduled, cancelled, unknown, landed, or in the air. There are thousands of flights per day from some Chinese cities.

I do not believe those SFO scheduled flights left or ever will. See Addendum.

All Departures from Wuhan Monday, January 27

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I pieced that together from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport WUH Departures for 2020-01-27.

I only showed confirmed landings.

All Departures from Wuhan Tuesday, January 28

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Escape From Wuhan

This post is an update to Hundreds of Virus Carrying Planes Headed for US, London, Paris, Vancouver

In that article I commented "Wuhan may be locked down. The rest of China isn't yet."

This update shows it is indeed still possible to escape Wuhan, then depart from some other city to the US, Japan, Europe, or elsewhere.

Please note that Scientists Estimate 44,000 Virus Cases, Doubling Every 6 Days

This is confirmation that the US should have halted all planes from China long ago.


This Tweet From SFO Airport Official

"The flight tracking app you are looking at has not updated with the correct origin city. That flight came from Guangzhou (CAN) and not Wuhan (WUH). Flights originally were from CAN-WUH and then WUH-SFO. However flights are not stopping in WUH and going direct from CAN-SFO."

Thus, the SFO landing was really from CAN, Guangzhou. The rest of the departures do seem to be from WUH.

If so, I count 16 departures yesterday and another 18 today from Wuhan.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock