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What Does Halt All Traffic Mean?

This morning, I Decided to Research this Question:

Results below.

Lockdown? What Lockdown?

There is no lockdown in China, if you are wealthy.

Check out this Beijing Flight Schedule for today. Here's the Wuhan Flight Schedule for today.

Lockdowns are for those with no money, not the wealthy.

Beijing Departures

  • 25 flights on a page
  • 5 pages for the 00:00-06:00 departures
  • 26 pages for 06:00-12:00 departures
  • 22 pages for the 12:00-18:00 Beijing departures
  • 20 pages for the 18:00-00:00 departures

That's about 1825 flights out of Beijing.

US and Canada Destinations From Beijing Today

New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Anchorage, Newark, Vancouver

European Destinations From Beijing Today

Amsterdam, Istanbul, Paris, Prague, Milan, Moscow, Frankfort, Munich, Athens, Barcelona, Warsaw, Rome, Stockholm, London

Other International Destinations From Beijing Today

Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne, Abu Dahabi, Manila, Auckland, Hong Kong, Seoul, Macau, Osaka, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei.

Flight Ban Starting Today?

No, that was a blatant lie by China.

Dereliction of Duty Everywhere

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​Earlier today Chris Martenson proclaimed "WHO is Derelict" on Coronavirus

WHO is the World Health Organization. Add to that list, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Chinese officials, and other US health officials.

The sane thing to do was ban all flights from China days ago.

But more landed today and far more are scheduled for tomorrow. And that's just from two cities. I did not check departures from Shanghai or other large Chinese cities.

Many of you know Chris Martenson from his economic website, Peak Prosperity.

But even those who do know him, may not be aware that his background includes a PhD in pathology.

If you have not done so already, please do yourself a favor and watch Chris Martenson's Must See Video on the Coronavirus.

Addendum - Monday Departures From China

Image placeholder title

I can confirm arrivals in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vancouver, Toronto, Seul, Delhi (India), Moscow, Viena, Macau, London, Taipei, New York, Osaka (Japan), Stockholm, Boston, Frankfort, Los Angeles, Singapore, Frankfort, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, and Amsterdam from Beijing.

Some planes to Los Angeles, Newark, Singapore, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Istanbul, and Sydney are in the air.

I only located 1 cancelled departure from Beijing out of roughly 1,800 flights. It was to Detroit. There could be more.

Many flights from Wuhan are cancelled. Others are marked as "unknown". I now believe these unknown flights are cancelled.

I can confirm planes from Shanghai have arrived in Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Auckland, Sydney, Perth, Munich, Moscow, Tokyo, London, Seul, Osaka, Anchorage, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Paris, Viena, London, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Toronto.

Wuhan may be locked down. The rest of China isn't yet.

Addendum Two - Wuhan Not Locked Down Yet

Update Two on 2020-01-28

Wuhan Update: Many Planes Actually Made it Out of Wuhan Yesterday and Today

I deleted some comments on Wuhan that were inaccurate.

Today, I count at least 16 flights that left Wuhan yesterday and at least 18 today.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock