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The Wall Street Journal reports Containment Area Planned for New York Suburb to Stem Coronavirus Spread.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state would deploy National Guard troops and establish a “containment area” in a Westchester County suburb at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

Starting Thursday, the state plans to close facilities for two weeks in a roughly three-square-mile area of New Rochelle, officials said.

Mr. Cuomo said Tuesday the National Guard would be deployed to the area to help with cleaning, food delivery for people under quarantine, and transportation. Northwell Health, a private hospital system with a private lab, will set up a satellite testing facility in the area.

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The containment is believed to be the first in the country.

“This is unique in the United States of America. We haven’t seen this anywhere else,” Mr. Cuomo said. “Think about it: New Rochelle has double the amount of cases as New York City.”

This is the first of many. Most thought something like this would never happen in the US. But here we are.