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Panic Covid-19 Testing Underway, Biden to Address the Nation on Tuesday

President Biden will issue a warning and outline new steps on Tuesday.
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People Lined Up - Covid Testing

Panic Testing in Progress 

If you don't have Covid, I suspect one of the best places to catch it is stand in line for hours with people who think they do. 

Biden to Address the Nation

President Biden plans to deliver remarks Tuesday, as Cities and Organizations Cancel Many Holiday Celebrations in the US and abroad.

More places in Europe and the U.S. were tightening restrictions, canceling holiday gatherings and bracing for a surge in new Covid-19 cases, as officials worked to boost testing and healthcare capacity amid the rising risk from the Omicron variant.

The coronavirus’s Omicron variant has been detected in 89 countries, and Covid-19 cases of the variant are doubling every 1.5 to 3 days in places with community transmission, the World Health Organization said Saturday. The variant is spreading rapidly even in countries with high levels of immunity in the population, the WHO said. 

The Dutch government imposed lockdown measures, with all nonessential shops, bars and restaurants closed until mid-January. 

Paris canceled its traditional New Year’s Eve festivities on the Champs-Élysées. London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a “major incident” in the British capital following what he said was the largest daily rise in cases in the city since the pandemic began, with 26,000 new cases recorded in the latest 24 hours.

Stark Warning 

NFL's Surprising Reaction to Record Covid-19 Cases: Do Less Testing

Earlier today I noted NFL's Surprising Reaction to Record Covid-19 Cases: Do Less Testing

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95% of NFL players are vaccinated and 100% of the coaches are. That is amazingly high vs health care workers and the population at large.

Two-thirds of the players who have tested positive this week are asymptomatic, NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills. The other third, he said, are suffering very mild symptoms. 

Proposed New Step

Don't stand in line for hours with people who think they have Covid! 

Associating with presumed-infected people will necessitate the need for still more tests.

If we are going to test, can we please test at home?

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