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The Rapid Spread of Omicron and What to Do About It: Nothing?!

Let's discuss the nature of Omicron, how fast cases double, and what to do about it.
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What Better Way to Spread

Panic Covid-19 Testing Underway, Biden to Address the Nation on Tuesday

Yesterday, I noted Panic Covid-19 Testing Underway, Biden to Address the Nation on Tuesday

If you don't have Covid, I suspect one of the best places to catch it is stand in line for hours with people who think they do. 

More Tests? Why?

If you stand in line to be tested, that very standing in line means you need to be retested because undoubtedly you have been in contact with someone who has it. 

The setup is of course lunacy.

NFL's Surprising Reaction to Record Covid-19 Cases: Do Less Testing

Please note the NFL's Surprising Reaction to Record Covid-19 Cases: Do Less Testing

95% of NFL players are vaccinated and 100% of the coaches are. That is amazingly high vs health care workers and the population at large.

Two-thirds of the players who have tested positive this week are asymptomatic, NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills. The other third, he said, are suffering very mild symptoms. In London, Omicron cases are doubling every 1.5 days. If that rate keeps up the whole city will have it in short order. That won't happen of course, but assume it does. 

Two-thirds of the players with Covid have no symptoms. What the hell are we supposed to do? Test everyone, every day? 

Cases Doubling in London Every 1.5 Days

Cases in London and other parts of the UK are doubling every 1.5 days. At that rate, nearly everyone will have it in short order. 

Would that be a curse or a blessing? 

After a temporary flood of hospitalizations and deaths, primarily among the unvaccinated, everyone would then have omicron antibodies. 

Percentage of Population Vaccinated

Percentage of US Population Vaccinated
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Accurate But Misleading

  • The Chart From Mayo Clinic is presumably accurate but very misleading. 
  • It's the entire population not adults and does not factor in age.
  • It does not at all factor in the number of people unvaccinated who have had Covid and thus have antibodies.

Tweet of the Day

New Rules

  • Testing the masses for Covid is worse than useless. Standing in line spreads it. 
  • The number of Omicron asymptomatic cases tells us that isolation is not the answer either. People not realizing they have it now spread Omicron like mad.
  • We need to accept a fair percentage of the people simply will not get vaccinated. 
  • Given the vast majority of severe complications happen in the unvaccinated group, we should not let them clog up the hospitals.
  • Hospital priority should go first to those with a booster, second to those with two shots, third to those with one shot, and last to the unvaccinated, with exceptions for those under the age of 12. 
  • If the unvaccinated don't care, we should not care about them. Nor should insurance cover them. 
  • Finally, at long last, it makes sense to say "No worse than the Flu, at least for the vaccinated." More accurately, for the vaccinated, it now appears to be "Nowhere near as bad as the flu".

New Studies Raise Hopes That Vaccines Prevent Severe Disease From Omicron

In the lab, immune cells put up a strong fight against Omicron, suggesting that vaccines will be able to prevent the worst outcomes of the virus variant.

How Fast Will Omicron Burn Out?

Time for Normal Lives Again

If people are really sick then they should stay home. Otherwise, enough of this damn testing and isolation. 

We need to start living normal lives again. The unvaccinated can fend for themselves.

Other than promote vaccinations and let hospitals turn away the unvaccinated, the best thing to do now appears to be nothing. 

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