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Vaccination Madness Spreads in Cities, Even at Fox News

Fox News went beyond Mayor Bill de Blasio vaccine or test mandate to an outright vaccine mandate for employees.
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Fox News Offices

Spotlight New York

On December 6, I commented New York City Mandates Vaccinations, Please Be Ready With Your Vaccine Card

“We’ve got Omicron as a new factor. We’ve got the colder weather, which is going to really create additional challenges with the Delta variant. We’ve got holiday gatherings,” Mr. de Blasio said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where he announced the new mandate. “We in New York City have decided to use a pre-emptive strike to really do something bold to stop the further growth of Covid.”

The city will also require children ages 5 through 11, who recently became eligible to get vaccinated against the virus, to have vaccine proof for indoor dining, entertainment and fitness.

On December 13, I noted the Supreme Court Rejects Religion Challenge to New York's Vaccine Mandate

That applied to decisions made by the state, not the mayor or federal government.

On December 8, I asked and answered How Many People in NYC Are At Risk of Losing Their Job Over the Mayor's Vaccine Mandate?

Now it seems even Fox news has no problems with this. 

Even Fox News?

Please note, Fox tightens its vaccine rule, removing a test-out option for N.Y.C. office workers.     

Fox Corporation, the owner of Fox News, told employees on Friday that those working in New York City would have to show proof they’d had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine by Dec. 27, removing the option to get tested weekly instead.

The new policy was in keeping with New York City’s vaccine rule, which Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in early December and which is more stringent than a contested Biden administration rule requiring vaccine mandates or weekly testing at larger employers.

The New York City mandate, which requires on-site workers at all businesses to be vaccinated, is the country’s most sweeping local vaccine mandate and affects some 184,000 businesses.

“Our policy reflects the guidelines of the mandate,” a spokesman for Fox Corporation said in an email on Monday. More than 90 percent of Fox’s employees are vaccinated, the company said.

And the Fox News howls? 

What About Chicago?

New York, Chicago other cities have gone well overboard with vaccine passport type ideas.

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot (Lighthead?) announces Chicago to Require Vaccine Proof for Indoor Spaces Like Restaurants, Bars, Gyms

Beginning Jan. 3, anyone age 5 and older will be required to show proof of full vaccination to dine inside or visit gyms or entertainment venues where food and drinks are being served.

Vaccinations required for 5-yearolds or they cannot dine out. Get your vaccination card handy. 

These kind of mandates in blue states and big cities are going to have an impact on the economy. 


I stated "Fox News went beyond testing to an actual vaccine mandate."

That is incorrect. Biden's mandate has a testing option. The NYC mandate doesn't. 

Records Keeping Addendum

Here are additional details on the NYC Vaccine Mandate

Maintaining Vaccine Records

Employers must have a plan in place to maintain employee vaccination records and to process requests for reasonable accommodations. The records must be kept confidential and be available for inspection upon request by a city agency. Employees that have previously provided proof of vaccination do not need to present it again, so long as the employer has maintained a record.

There are three options for compliance with the record keeping requirement:

  • A copy of an employee’s proof of vaccination or a record of a reasonable accommodation with supporting documentation
  • A paper or electronic record that includes the following information:
    • Employee’s name
    • Whether the employee is fully vaccinated
    • If not fully vaccinated, the date by which the employee should present proof of a second dose; this date should be no later than 45 days after submitting proof of the first dose
    • Record of a reasonable accommodation with supporting documentation
  • Daily checks of each employee’s proof of vaccination before they enter the workplace each day. (If this approach is taken, employers must keep a record of each daily verification.)

For non-employee workers, such as contractors, businesses may request that the contractor’s employer confirm proof of verification of vaccination and then keep a log of the requests made and confirmations received.

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