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Watch President Biden's Live Press Conference on Afghanistan

President Biden will address the nation today on the crisis and messy exit in Afghanistan.
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People Cling to Jet Leaving Kabul

My Comments

  • The exit was poorly planned and poorly executed.
  • It was Bush who foolishly got us in.
  • Obama and Trump both promised to get us out and failed. 
  • In escaping a totally corrupt and unwinnable mission, Biden at least succeeded albeit in a terribly messy way.  

Lesson of the Day

The overriding lesson of the day is don't put US troops where they do not belong on nearly endless missions in the first place.

Bush started it, then Obama and Trump kept us there in a war that could not be won.

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Along the way, the mission morphed from getting Bin Laden to nation building without any administration having a clue about Afghan tribal customs.

For further discussion regarding a massive US intelligence failure, please see Total Chaos in Kabul, People Cling to Exiting Planes


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