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French Election First Round Results - Macron at Risk of Losing Control in Parliament

Voters are not happy, anywhere. French President Emanuel Macron did much worse than expected in Parliamentary elections.
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First round projections image from France 24 Video

First round projections image from France 24 Video

Together! is Macron's party. 

New Popular Union NUPES is a far Left coalition led by Jean-Luc Melenchon's.

Marine Le Pen's National Rally is considered a far Right party. 20 seats is significant. The threshold for having much of any say in negotiations is 15 seats. 

The Far Left Might Cost Macron His Majority

Reuters reports Macron Faces Tough Battle for Control of Parliament After First Round Vote

Initial estimates by Elabe put the hard-left veteran Jean-Luc Melenchon's NUPES bloc neck-and-neck with Macron's Ensemble! alliance in the first round, with 26.20% and 25.8% respectively.

"In view of this result, and the extraordinary opportunity it offers us and the destiny of the common homeland, I call on people next Sunday to defeat the disastrous politics of the majority, of Macron," Melenchon said after the vote.

With the two-round system, which is applied to 577 constituencies across the country, the popular vote in the first round is a poor indicator of who will eventually win a majority the following week.

Polls forecast that NUPES may deny Macron an absolute majority in the June 19 second round, which would force the president into having to make unruly bill-by-bill pacts with right-wing parties and could trigger a cabinet reshuffle.

NUPES Platform

  • Melenchon, is a euro-sceptic veteran of the hard left, a longtime admirer of the late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and Venezuela's former president Hugo Chavez. 
  • He wants France to leave NATO and has previously advanced a Russophile stance.
  • NUPES' manifesto includes pledges to cap the prices of dozens of goods to tame inflation, hiking the minimum wage, reducing the retirement age and a greater distribution of wealth.

More Free Money

NUPES wants more free money and wealth redistribution. 

Macron proposes gradually hiking the retirement age from 62 to 65, while Mélenchon vows to lower it to 60.

Melenchon and US Senator Elizabeth Warren have much in common. 

Warren on Meat Packers

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Warren on More Free Money

Warren on Free Child Care

Expand Social Security

Crack Down on Big Oil

Question of the Day

Turnout in round 1 was a record low 47.5% so whichever party can rally voters will win round 2. 

Will it be free money or Macron's pledge to hike the retirement age that carries the day? 

Normally it's the party in power that suffers from voter revolts. In the US that would be Democrats and in France, Together!

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