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NYC has "Most Botched Election Ever", Accidentally Counting 135,000 Test Votes

The New York City Board of Elections has admitted a major discrepancy and it took down all of its published election results. See ADDENDUM on counting Test Votes.
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Not a Small Discrepancy

Inside Decades of Nepotism and Bungling at the N.Y.C. Elections Board

Earlier today I posted this chart from an Elections Board link.

NYC Mayoral Race After Round 11

The Board of Elections removed the link to Round 11 results. In fact, it removed links to all the rounds so who the hell knows what is wrong. 

Notice that the chart says Maya D. Wiley was "eliminated". Crain's New York Business used that term and so did others, including me although I strongly questioned the legitimacy of it. (See Absentee Voters Will Decide NYC Mayoral Winner, Only 2 Candidates Remain)

Flawed Process?

Given 120,000+ votes remaining, Wiley could theoretically have won, and by more than a little. Moreover, it easily could have been Wiley vs Garcia. 

There will be more than a bit of soul searching no matter who wins. Clearly it's best to vote in person for maximum impact.

Sour Searching 

I believe I hit the nail on the head with that comment.

Cook Political Chimes In

Dave Wasserman U.S. House editor of the nonpartisan @CookPolitical  Report & @NBCNews contributor chimes in.

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Most Botched Election Reporting Ever

Umm...Something's Very Wrong 

Based on analysis by Crain's New York Business as to where the absentee ballots were cast, I placed a bet on Predict-It. It's no big deal as the max bet is only $850.

I am going to let it run, but it's a huge crap shoot as no one knows anything, apparently not even the NYC board of Elections.

A Word About Turnout

What a major mess. 

Summation: Antiquated & Dangerously Dysfunctional

"If this debacle doesn't lead to a sweeping overhaul of New York City/State's antiquated & dangerously dysfunctional elections regime, not sure what will."


New York City Accidentally Counts 130,000 Test Votes

135,000 Test Votes Counted