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Biden Declares Climate Emergency, Supreme Court Will Shoot Down His Executive Orders

Biden executive overreach continues. Consider the new national emergency, climate change.
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Image From Tweet Below

Image From Tweet Below

Climate Emergency

Best Response

"Is Joe Biden really going to issue a climate emergency less than a week after flying thousands of miles to Saudi Arabia to beg OPEC for oil?"

Sweeping Regulations

Please note Biden Calls Climate ‘an Emergency’

President Biden said he considered the environmental risks created by climate change to be “an emergency” and signaled plans to use his presidential powers “to turn these words into a formal, official government action.”

“Let me be clear: Climate change is an emergency,” Mr. Biden said, adding that he plans to announce formal actions in the “coming weeks.”

“Since Congress is not acting as it should,” Mr. Biden said, he considered climate change “an emergency. And I will—I will look at it that way.”

Gina McCarthy, Mr. Biden’s top climate adviser, told reporters aboard Air Force One that the administration would be rolling out a number of climate-related executive actions in the coming weeks.

“We’re not ready to give up on our strong goals. We’re going to double-down to make sure we get those,” she said. “And while it’s disappointing that Congress couldn’t get it over the finish line, that in no way precludes the president from using the full range of his executive authorities to get us to where we need to go.”

Uncensored Truth 

How Stupid Could This Get?

Carbon Tariff Borders

To answer my question as to how stupid this can get: "Use existing executive branch trade and tariff authority to establish a carbon border tariff for imports from countries with worse relative carbon emissions, based on industry carbon density."

Executive Beast Mode

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Democrats moaned about Trump's executive orders. What they seek is orders of magnitude greater.

The Supreme Court has already ruled 6-3 that the EPA does not have the power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants without Congressional approval. 

The Court has also stricken Biden's Covid mandates and eviction moratoriums. 

Climate change has been a subject of debate for decades and has been ongoing forever. There is no sudden emergency.

Like it or not, there is little Biden can do that will survive Supreme Court scrutiny.

Alleged EU Environmental and Climate Change Progress

Meanwhile, Let's Investigate Alleged EU Environmental and Climate Change Progress

Also note Germany's Climate Protection Minister Mandates More Coal to Produce Electricity

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