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Biden Reverses Campaign Pledge, Opens Door for Nuclear Strike as a Deterrent

Those itching for a winnable nuclear war are cheering today as Biden put that option back on the table.
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Image from Wall Street Journal video.

Image from Wall Street Journal video.

Option to Use Nuclear Weapons First is Back on the Table

Reversing his campaign pledge, Biden bows to pressure to allow First Use of Nuclear Weapons

That's a WSJ not paywalled link. Click for a video of US vs Russia nuclear capability.  

During the 2020 campaign Mr. Biden promised to work toward a policy in which the sole purpose of the U.S. nuclear arsenal would be to deter or respond to an enemy nuclear attack.

Mr. Biden’s new decision, made earlier this week under pressure from allies, holds that the “fundamental role” of the U.S. nuclear arsenal will be to deter nuclear attacks. That carefully worded formulation, however, leaves open the possibility that nuclear weapons could also be used in “extreme circumstances” to deter enemy conventional, biological, chemical and possibly cyberattacks, said the officials.

Congressional Republicans had criticized Mr. Biden for considering a “sole purpose” doctrine.

Hey, let's threaten to use nuclear war to stop cyberattacks. Why not? What can possibly go wrong?

And as an added bonus, if something does go wrong, think of all the broken windows that will need replacing and how that will boost GDP 10,000 if not 100,000 times more than a major hurricane. 

For those who don't understand sarcasm, I am referring to the Broken Window Fallacy

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Meanwhile, keeping the option of using nuclear weapons first does nothing but make it more likely that others will decide they would rather be first.

Thus, the idea that threat of a nuclear first strike is a deterrent is sheer madness. 

Then again, what's possibly more bullish than nuclear war?

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