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Food at Home is Up 13.1 Percent From a Year Ago, Most Since February 1979

Food at home is up 13.1 percent annually. That's the most since 13.9 percent in February of 1979.
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CPI With a Spotlight on Food 2022-07

CPI Year-Over-Year Details 

  • CPI: 8.5 Percent 
  • CPI Less Food: 8.1 Percent
  • CPI Food: 10.9 Percent
  • CPI Food at Home: 13.1 Percent 
  • CPI Food and Beverage: 10.5 Percent 
  • CPI Energy (Not Shown): 32.9 percent

Food Details 

CPI Seven Food Categories 2022-07

What's in Your Basket? 

  • Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs: 10.9 Percent
  • Cereals, Bakery: 15.0 Percent
  • Dairy: 14.9 Percent
  • Fruits and Vegetables: 9.3 Percent
  • Beverages: 13.8 Percent
  • Other Food at Home: 15.8 Percent
  • Away From Home: 7.6 Percent
  • At Home: 13.1 Percent

Given rising tip defaults (and me paying them) I dispute the total cost of food away from home as up only 7.6 percent.

We have seen tip defaults as high as 25 percent. It's getting absurd.  

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