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The White House Brags: The Average "Peson" Spends $35 Less on Gasoline

Spelling issues aside, is this realistically a winning message?
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At Current Prioces White House Gasoline

Breathing Room

American Families Breathing Room Savings Matter

Doubly Pleased Today

  • We have a new pronoun: Peson  
  • The average peson now spends $35 less on gasoline

Questions Abound

  • What did the president Biden do to bring about this remarkable saving? 
  • Spelling issues aside, is this realistically a winning message?

What About Butane?

Please consider Biden mulling plan to add butane to summer gas to lower price at pump

“Butane is relatively cheap. Numbers I've seen indicate a difference of 10 to 15 cents a gallon in summer vs. winter gasoline prices due to the removal of butane,” said Antony Davies, an economics professor at Duquesne University. 

Just like it does in a lighter, butane evaporates quickly into the environment, causing ozone pollution on hot summer days. 

“And so the fact that it likes to evaporate from the gasoline instead of going through the engine is what makes it a serious thing when it comes to ozone pollution,” said Neil Donahue, an atmospheric chemist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Extreme Hypocrisy 

On June 5, I noted Biden Mandates More Ethanol in Gasoline, Expect Many Negative Repercussions


  • 30% higher corn prices with other crops rising by 20%, according to the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Growing more corn for ethanol causes increased amounts of water pollutants from U.S. farms
  • Expect more fertilizer use when fertilizer costs are soaring
  • More summer smog
  • E15 erodes older car engines, gas pumps, storage tanks and pipelines.
  • Small refiners will suffer and some will go out of business allowing Elizabeth Warren to moan about the concentration of "Big Oil". 

Now the president in mulling Butane which will also add to smog. 

Climate Emergency

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On July 21, I noted Biden Declares Climate Emergency, Supreme Court Will Shoot Down His Executive Orders

Biden is bragging about lowing the price of gasoline by trivial amounts, something he had nothing to do with. 

He has declared a "climate emergency" but has increased the amount of ethanol in gas, contributing to smog, and is pondering butane which is even worse. 

Biden begs Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to pump more oil but not here. Finally, Biden's sanctions more than anything else drove up the price of oil.

The decline in price is due to a recession, nothing to brag about. 

When it comes to inflation and energy policy, can this administration do anything right?

Look on the bright side. We have a new pronoun.

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