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The whole world now seems united against Putin. Finland, Sweden, and even Switzerland ended neutrality.
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Image from a Tweet video in Moscow

Image from a Tweet video in Moscow

Finland and Sweden End Neutrality

GDP Forecasts Tumbling

The US Dollar

MMT and the Ruble

Gold-Backed Fiat Currency Does Not Exist

Bitcoin Fantasy

U-Turn by China?

Germany to Supply Ukraine with Weapons

Paying Back Debt

When the US and EU cut off Russia from the SWIFT payment system, Russia cannot pay its debt. 

This creates a demand for US dollars and some have suggested the Fed step in. The idea  is not to aid Russia but to aid companies in the US and EU that Russia owes.

I suspect this is the second reason Putin did not expect to be cutoff from SWIFT. The first reason is the EU's, especially Germany's dependence on Russia's natural gas.

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Thoughts on China

Beijing Says Russia and China Not Allies

Even Switzerland Joins the Sanction Parade 

Protests in Moscow

Putin Seems Delusional

Switzerland's move is a unique break from its decades-long policy of strict neutrality.

Nearly the whole world is now united against Putin. 

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