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Tweets of the Day: The Fed's Policy Is to Hurt and Credit Words of Warning

Here's a dozen Tweets to ponder from some of my favorites posters on Twitter.
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Bill Dudely Says Fed Might Need to Force Stocks to Fall

Centralized Control 

Crypto Irony

Crypto 'sent' to save us goes to zero.

Fed's Policy Is To Hurt

Powell Admits Soft Landing Not in Fed's Control

Going Volcker?

Thoughts on Junk Bonds

QT Carpet Bombing

Home Prices Coming Down 

Gas Caps in Spain 

Spain just went nuts. 

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Don't Worry, It's Contained

China Property Developer Misses Bond Payment 

Question of Survival 

Magic Act

The Fed will curb inflation without raising unemployment. The odds of Recession are low. And It's all contained.

Hooray, we are saved! Enjoy your bear market rally today, assuming it does last all day. 

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