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House Authorizes More Military Spending Than Biden and the Defense Department Requested

Once again, Democrats and Republicans unite to waste more taxpayer money above and beyond requested amounts.
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Image from Politico article quoted below

Image from Politico article quoted below

More Than Requested 

Politico reports House Passes $839B Defense Bill, Swatting Down Biden’s Military Plans.

  • The $839 billion National Defense Authorization Act, approved in a 329-101 vote, is $37 billion more than the administration sought in military spending.
  • On top of the budget, the bill also rebukes several of Biden’s national security plans. Members maintained a nuclear cruise missile the administration planned to scrap, hampered F-16 sales to Turkey and limited the number of aircraft and ships the Pentagon can retire.
  • The bill includes billions for more aircraft and ships than the Pentagon sought, following a bipartisan vote by the House Armed Services Committee to raise the bill’s price tag by $37 billion. 
  • Funding continues for the development of a sea-launched nuclear cruise missile, a program the White House sought to kill.
  • The bill authorizes 13 new warships, adding five ships the Navy didn’t request — an extra Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, another Constellation-class frigate, another fleet oiler and two expeditionary medical ships.
  • The bill requires the Navy to keep five of the nine littoral combat ships it sought to retire.
  • The bill also authorizes 64 F-35 fighter jets, three more than the Pentagon sought across the military services. 
  • Lawmakers approved $354 million to procure three more F-35C carrier-based jets for the Navy.

Bipartisan Action 

Excessive military budgets are always bipartisan. 180 Democrats and 149 Republicans joined forces to pass the legislation.

“It is the definition of a bipartisan bill,” said Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama, the top Republican on the Armed Services Committee.

Hooray, More Inflation

Doesn't anyone in DC who voted for this monstrosity understand inflation?

Are they that stupid or do they just not give a damn. 

I suspect the most useful item in the bill, a repeal of the 2002 Iraq War authorization, will be stripped out of the final bill in the Senate.

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Stripping that provision would prevent a president from relying on the 2002 authorization to conduct unrelated military actions in the regions. 

If stripped, only the waste will remain. Both parties support more war-mongering. The Republicans are at least up front about it.

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