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There's Looting in Shanghai, Sri Lanka, and Peru Over Food Shortages, What Country is Next?

Tweets of the day involve food shortages. Let's take a look.
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Sri Lanka Tweet Clip

Sri Lanka Tweet Clip

Sri Lanka

Starving Shanghai Residents Loot the Supermarket


The looking and shortages in Shanghai are due to preposterous lockdowns. 

Shanghai residents revolt over Zero Covid lockdown: Videos shows mobs looting stores for food after being confined to their homes for 22 DAYS (and cases are still going UP thanks to Omicron)

Shanghai has a population of 26million and has now spent more than three weeks in the toughest lockdown anywhere in the world since the start of the pandemic.

American lawyer Jared T. Nelson, who lives in the city, tweeted that only two people from each apartment building are allowed to leave every day to collect food parcels.

Volunteers must wear full protective white suits and have two hours to finish the job.

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Wow. How sad.

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