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White House Issues "Imminent Threat" Warning on Russia Invading Ukraine

With no new evidence, the State Department issued an "Imminent Threat" warning today telling US citizens to leave Ukraine.
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Jake Sullivan, State Department, from C-Span video clip Feb 3, imminent threat warning Feb 11. 

Jake Sullivan, State Department, from C-Span video clip Feb 3, imminent threat warning Feb 11. 

Foreign Policy Magazine reports "White House Issues Imminent Threat" Warning     

Russia could begin another invasion of Ukraine starting with deadly air and missile salvos before the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics next week, the top U.S. national security official said on Friday.

While National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that current U.S. intelligence did not indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin had made the decision to invade—as some outlets reported earlier—he echoed public warnings from top administration officials that a further Russian invasion of Ukraine could begin any day now.

“We want to be crystal clear on this point: Any American in Ukraine should leave as soon as possible, and in any event, in the next 24 to 48 hours,” Sullivan told reporters. “No one would be able to count on air, road, or rail departures once military action got underway.” Nor would U.S. troops be going into a war zone to extract Americans who chose not to leave, Sullivan added. On Friday, the Biden administration approved the deployment of an additional 3,000 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division to Poland, a senior defense official said, bringing the grand total of Pentagon deployments in the country to nearly 5,000 troops.

Any Day Now

Similarly, the Wall Street Journal reports U.S. Says Russia Could Invade Ukraine at Any Time

The WSJ subtitle is certainly more accurate "Officials say they don’t know whether Putin has decided to invade or not."

It could come any day now, but I would at least like the State department to offer something more than what appears to be propaganda. 

Interestingly, despite the imminent threat, Sullivan said he expected that U.S. President Joe Biden would talk with Putin by telephone in the coming days. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is set to meet Putin at the Kremlin on Tuesday.

Alex Jones Territory

Olympian Calm in Ukraine Over Russia Invasion Threat vs US Hype and Panic

I covered "Alex Jones Territory" in depth in my report Olympian Calm in Ukraine Over Russia Invasion Threat vs US Hype and Panic.

US State Department: "One possible option the Russians are considering, and which we made public today, involves the production of a propaganda video - a video with graphic scenes of false explosions depicting corpses, crisis actors, mourners, and images of destroyed locations, entirely fabricated."

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Reporter "This is Alex Jones Territory. What evidence do you have that there is some propaganda film in the making?"

Bonds Catch Bid

Bond yields caught a bid today. The 10-year yield hit a Friday intraday high of 2.059 percent then collapsed to 1.918 Percent. 

Similar moves happened across the board.

For example, the 5-year yield collapsed from 1.921% to 1.835%. 

Its difficult to know the cause. Perhaps the market finally thinks enough is enough with bond yields and imminent threats have nothing to do with it.

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