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Deeper Panic and More Restrictions Coming Over a Covid-19 Omicron Surge?

Jim Bianco at Bianco Research believes politicians will panic over Omicron with far more restrictions.
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Dear Bureaucrats Please Don't Panic

Deeper Panic Coming?

Note: The following Tweet Thread is what Bianco believes what will happen not what he wants to happen. 

As soon as I read the thread, I knew many would confuse what he thinks will happen as what he wants to happen. I know the feeling well, over Trump, Obama, Biden, etc. 

Amusing Comment 

It's not Jim who doesn't get it. Still others responded with hospitalization and death percentages. 

OK, but did you see what's happening in Australia and even the US before Omicron.

Related Articles and Supporting Evidence For Bianco's Opinion

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Those article tend to imply Bianco is correct and more radical panic is on the way. 

Bianco has a great track record on this, but he hopes he is wrong.

Despite the supporting evidence, and for no explainable reason, I think we have seen the worst of it. 

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